The Straight Woman In A Polygamous Marriage

One theme I encounter over and over again in the poly world (both polygamy and polyamory) is turmoil from the heterosexual, monogamous first wife or primary partner.

What is in it for the heterosexual woman? Perhaps this is where the turmoil comes from. Especially with poly novices, who have yet to experience a poly relationship, the fear of sharing a husband and not reaping the benefits can be scary.

Men are designed to chase skirts…

It's not nice to see a great man like Tiger caught with his trousers down. It's even worse to see how low girls will go to snatch a sexy slice of one of the world's sporting greats, offering the kiss 'n' tell details to anyone willing to dip into the sleaze bucket.

Polygamy and poor, beautiful, cuckolded Elin? She did her thing with a golf club - and who could blame her?

Ministers’ Marriage Views Inconsistent with the Bible

I find it an abomination of scholarship when Rev. York and Pastor Johnson (Jan. 10 letters) try to defend regressive views on marriage with a text, the Bible, which not everyone subject to laws of marriage holds with integrity(polygamy). But for the sake of everyone looking to the Bible for answers, I find Johnson's characterization, that "The Biblical view of marriage is unanimously one man and one woman," to be false analysis.

Abolish The Marriage License

Who needs the government to be involved?

Following the California Supreme Court's decision this week to uphold a ban on gay marriage, the U.S. looks headed into a long, resource-sucking legal slog over whether same-sex couples may marry(polygamy). Here's an idea that could end the debate once and for all, and trim government spending to boot: Get government out of the marriage business altogether.

I Love Big Love! Being a stay at home mom can be so isolating and…

Bill proposes to his fourth wife, Barb says, "I second the motion." Then I squeal me too when Margene says, "Me too." I'd love to live like the Hendrickson's on HBO's Big Love. Raising kids, being a stay at-home mom can be so isolating(polygamy). Imagine having Margene around to go to the mall with.

Tonight's edition with Roman going on trial is a topical twist that program developers and people who market TV shows could not have dreamed up themselves

How Bad Are Our Traditional Practices?

OUR African traditions have come under fire in many circles. Daily we have so-called learned people, experts in this and that, blaming African traditional practices for a whole lot of things.

African traditions have become nothing but barriers to development, even in the eyes of Africans themselves.

This makes us wonder where we are headed as Africans living in Africa. With this globalization that has come, what will remain of true African traditions?

This Day in History: September 24th

Polygamy is defined by Webster's dictionary as the condition or practice of having more than one spouse at a time.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to the Associated Press, is based on Joseph Smith and revelations he recieved in the 1820s. He then founded the Latter-day Saints based on his beliefs, one of which including polygamy, which started around the 1840s.

Family defends polygamy, calls it a culture of love

CENTENNIAL PARK - Polly stands outside the Merry Wives Cafe, a prearranged rendezvous point, nervously watching vehicles pull up. She is middle-aged, clear-eyed and maternal, with an easy smile.

She apologizes to a reporter for withholding her last name but says she cannot risk getting arrested. "I have children," she explains later, her eyes moist.

On Parenting and the Courts

There are those who condemn the "activist" courts. Generally, those who do are really saying that the courts are not doing what the individuals want done. There is a long history here in the United States that it has been the courts that ensured our liberties and freedoms against governments. We have seen it again with the court's action in the case of the children in Texas who were taken by a state agency based on an anonymous phone call.

HEART BEAT: Sins of Fathers

According to the Catholic Church, my father had something in common with polygamists. Since the sacrament of marriage is insoluble, a person who receives a civil divorce is still married in the eyes of this church. If he weds another woman, as my father did, outside the bonds of Holy Matrimony, he may well end up on his deathbed, as my father did, assured by visitors that he does not deserve forgiveness for his sins because he thought he could marry two different women.