Big Love

60 Questions Going Into Big Love’s Finale

Big LoveWith all due respect to Lost, Philip K. Dick's Why Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? and the new tax code in the United States, HBO's Big Love may be the most complicated, convoluted show ever produced by a major network. That's not to say I don't like it-I'm pretty sure I do-it's just a weekly sixty minute clusterfuck of storylines going every which way(polygamy). And at the epicenter of all these drama-spewing mazes is Bill Henrickson. How the man ever sleeps is beyond me. He's got more enemies than Joseph McCarthy, more money problems than the Soviet Union. And tonight's season finale is somehow expected to tie all these loose ends up. Bullshit. There's no way. Here are 60 little quagmires Big Love desperately needs to answer tonight...

Big Love gets 4th season: Could polygamy end deadbeat dad crisis?

Big Love season 4Maybe because I was a single mom for so many years, I'd see kids who had nicer clothes, better summer vacations. Those kids had fathers, mine didn't. From the moment the Beach Boys sing "God Only Knows" and Bill Barb Margene and Nicki - a spiritual glow in their eyes from years of living "the principle" - sit at a dinner table on top of the world, literally. I Love Big Love! Sometimes it almost feels like the whole economy, the whole society, everything would balance out better, If only men who could afford it, could have more wives. Raise the children. Better living through polygamy.

HBO’s ‘Big Love’ creators Olsen and Scheffer talk polygamy

Big LoveHBO's "Big Love" was created during a moment of boredom during a cross country drive for the two EP's and showrunners, Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer.

Olsen shared the genesis of the HBO series at the recent TCA's last week.

"It was a car, a speeding car heading away from a disastrous family Christmas in Nebraska, back to New York City where things were safe and we liked out lives. On day two of the drive, just crossing out of West Virginia and Pennsylvania turnpike, Will and I were just pitching ideas around, and I literally said, 'Hey, what about a story about Polygamy?'

Some ‘Big Love’ storylines come from true stories, says star Bill Paxton

Bill PaxtonTORONTO - HBO's "Big Love" kicks off its third season Sunday with a subplot that could have been ripped from the headlines of a Canadian newspaper.

A storyline chronicling the arrest and trial of Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton), a Mormon prophet who has had several wives, unfolds on TV just weeks after two religious leaders in the real-life community of Bountiful, B.C., were charged with practising polygamy.