Historian Reveals Plural Marriage Positives In Logan Talk

While much has been said about the heartache of plural wives living in 19th-century Mormonism, these unions could also bring happiness and unusual independence, according to a prominent religious scholar.
During a lecture Thursday before a packed house at the LDS Tabernacle, Kathleen Flake said that often only the negative side of polygamy is emphasized.

FLDS Exile To Offer Tour Of Polygamist Communities

Tour Of Polygamist CommunitiesThose curious about the polygamous community(polygamy) that has thrived on the Utah/Arizona state line for nearly 75 years may now take a guided tour through what promoters bill as "the largest and most secluded polygamist colony" in America.

"Why the prairie dresses and long braids? No makeup? More than one wife?" all questions to be answered during "The Polygamy Experience: A Guided Tour of Colorado City."

The four-hour excursion promises accounts from guides "who have actually lived and loved 'The Creek,' " the historic name for Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., home to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The first tour is set for Saturday.

Survey Finds Increase In Polygamous Communities

SALT LAKECITY (AP) - An new informal survey by a Utah-based polygamy advocacy group estimates 38,000 people believe in or are living the practice - an increase of about 1,000 in about two years.

Person of interest in polygamy raid in

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - A woman considered a person of interest in an investigation of phone calls that may have sparked a raid on a Texas polygamist group appeared in a Colorado courtroom Tuesday, a day after she was supposed to appear in a separate case.

The lawyer for Rozita Swinton of Colorado Springs said the no-show on the charge of violating probation was because of a misunderstanding and Swinton didn't realize she had to appear, said Kathleen Walsh, a spokeswoman for the 18th Judicial District.

Love Your Lawyer Suit!

Post image for Love Your Lawyer Suit!"I attorney with Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid...currently representing forty-eight mothers in the child custody proceedings that began as a result of the raid of the YFZ [Yearning for Zion] Ranch in early April.

Last month, TRLA filed a Writ of Mandamus with the Third Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas, on behalf of the mothers, where we argued the state did not follow Texas law when they took these children without providing any evidence that these households were creating abusive environments.

CPS concedes sect mom was 18 when she gave birth

Texas Child Protective Services conceded Tuesday a pregnant teen taken from a polygamists' ranch in West Texas was an adult when she gave birth in San Marcos last month, casting some doubt on the statistics released by the agency that more than 20 underage girls were pregnant or had given birth.

The teenager, 18-year-old Pamela Jeffs, gave birth to a boy on April 29. CPS officials said she was one of 27 girls in a "disputed" minor category who once told CPS they were adults but later indicated they were under 18.

Who’s Behind the Texas FLDS Raid Fiasco?

Post image for Who's Behind the Texas FLDS Raid Fiasco?Below is an interesting article from Prairie Fire Journal.

After getting a few hours sleep, I decided it was time to start doing some digging and pointing some fingers. I

n a previous post, I listed a couple of info tidbits that I thought point towards Flora Jessop as being behind the phone call that lead to the State of Texas kidnapping 416 children from the YFZ ranch, as well as being the unidentified informant mentioned in court affidavits used to secure search warrants of the YFZ ranch. Well, I've now arrived at my own conclusions about her and others involvement in this whole sordid mess.

Does Teen Bride at Center of Polygamy Case Exist?

Post image for Does Teen Bride at Center of Polygamy Case Exist?Among the hundreds of children, lawyers and caseworkers involved in an unprecedented child custody hearing this morning, one person will be noticeably absent the 16-year-old girl whose call for help set in motion the largest child protection case in U.S. history.

Texas authorities say they have not located or identified the girl, though they have said they believe she is among the 416 children from a polygamous sect who were taken into state custody nearly two weeks ago.

Utah Polygamists Rally in Support of Children Taken in Texas Raid

Post image for Utah Polygamists Rally in Support of Children Taken in Texas RaidIn tearful speeches, Utah backers of plural marriage spoke out today at a rally in support of the children and their mothers who have been moved out of their homes on a polygamous sect's ranch in Texas.

"We know their needs are very unique compared to other children in foster care," Mary Batchelor said of the young members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Polygamist Moms Fight for Custody of Kids

Post image for Polygamist Moms Fight for Custody of KidsMothers who had lived at a polygamist compound in Eldorado, Texas, are mounting a campaign to get back their children, who were taken into custody by the state after a raid on the compound earlier this month.

A group of mothers from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sent a letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry asking him to see for himself what they call the "appalling and traumatizing" conditions at the shelter where 416 children are being held.