Who are we?

We are a polygamy matrimonial service. We set up this service as we believe in this lifestyle and have built our site with great care and detail.

If you have any concerns or recommendations we would gladly welcome them. We are a new service so please if you have any issues with the website please let us know. We hope you are responsible when using this service.

Before you start

You must understand the legality regarding matrimonial polygamy. We do not condone any activity which is regarded illegal.

This site is targeting individuals who are seeking a polygamous marriage. In some countries polygamy is accepted, but not all. It is your responsibility to check local law where you reside. In countries where polygamy is illegal, those who wish to practice it must accept that there is to be no legal signing of a marriage certificate; especially if you are entering into a second, third, or fourth marriage. Legally this would then be seen as no different to one man having multiple female companions. Please research and understand your legal rights which can differ greatly from monogamous marriages.

We advise you still have a ceremony in which your families and the religious community recognise the marriage, even though it may not be legally recognised.

This site is not for everyone. We strongly advise you seek as much knowledge and advice as you can before entering into a polygamous arrangement.

Your Privacy

Privacy is important to us. Here is a few ways in which we protect you on your search for a spouse

  • We use SSL at all times to protect your connection from your browser to our webserver
  • Passwords must be strong and are encrypted for safety
  • Your name and email are always hidden and under no circumstances will be sold to a third party
  • Your profile is private and can only be seen by registered members
  • All profiles and photos are vetted for decency
  • All photos remain private until other members get authorisation to view them

Why choose us?

We aim to help out those who wish to practice polygamy in the most decent and respectful manner. We care.

Vetted Profiles

We have a team of dedicated individuals that monitor all profiles, photos, and communications to ensure the utmost level of modesty. Do remember, this is NOT a dating site, neither is dating or loose talk with the opposite gender permitted. We want respect and decency. Any individual found to be doing this will have their account suspended with no refund.

Muslim Specific Polygamy

In Islam polygamy is widely accepted as the prophets themselves practiced it. As Muslims tend to seek Muslim partners we have a dedicated Muslim Polygamy Service. We suggest you use SecondWife.com - Muslim Polygamy. They offer a great service and adhere to the Islamic principles and teachings regarding marriage.

No Dating Monogamous Marriage Service

If polygamy is not for you but you are still seeking marriage. We suggest you use GoMarry.com. There you will get to meet similar minded people who don't want to waste their time on short term relationships and are seeking to start a family the right way, through marriage.