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Polygamy is the last remaining taboo in our society! We are the change that will eradicate this prejudice. Join us today for FREE!

Guess what Religious People?

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all pro-polygamy. Look at the lives of their messengers such as David, Solomon, Abraham, and Muhammad etc. If it was good enough for the prophots, surely it is good for us?

Guess what Americans?

The current president of America and possibly the future president owe their existence to polygamy. Obama’s father belonged to the polygamous Luo tribe and Mitt Romney’s paternal great grandfather was a Mormon who practiced polygamy.

Guess what Haters?

To the haters: Your society already practices polygamy without a doubt! There is prostitution, adultry, swingers, and more. Both men and women have many partners from week to week. If you allow that why would you not allow this?

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