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What is Polygamy?

Polygamy consists of one man having multiple spouses. i.e. one man has multiple wives. This is not done deceitfully, but rather in the open with the agreement of all persons involved. All participants are above legal consenting age, they are not part of some crazy cult. It's not cheating and certainly is not bigamy. Polygamy is a choice and a way of life for millions of people worldwide and helps them be part of bigger, better & stronger families.

Legality of Polygamous Marriages:

In many backward minded countries, it might be illegal to marry someone if you are still legally married to someone else. Some of the workarounds that are most commonly used to get married yet still not break any laws is to either get married via a civil or religious ceremony. Or to travel into countries where polygamous marriages are legally recognized and get married there. That said, we are seeing a great resurgence and interest in polygamous based lifestyles. More and more documentaries and reality shows are coming out as time passes. The day is not far when polygamy will be fully accepted & legalized.


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