From Gay Marriage To Polygamy?

October, 12th 2015 Comments 7756 Views

If you're one of those rare people who think one spouse is not enough, your prayers may be answered After the Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage, conservative critics spotted sister wives on the horizon Polygamy, here we come! tweeted Weekly


Legalize Polygamy: Study

October, 12th 2015 Comments 4470 Views

A new study commissioned by the federal government recommends that Canada legalize polygamy and change legislation to help women and children living in plural relationships



October, 9th 2015 Comments 6051 Views

Justice and EqualityAs Allah (subhanahu wa taala) permitted polygamy, He stipulated and pre-conditioned justice and fairness in treatment, avoiding injustice and wrong practices against all wives Allahs Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) s


Interview With A Second Wife

October, 9th 2015 Comments 9963 Views

Ive requested a few times for muslim sisters in polygamous marriages to approach me for an interview I was delighted when I received an email from this sister and learned more about her story


The Concept Of Polygamy And The Prophets Marriages

October, 9th 2015 Comments 3197 Views

Since 911, we have observed that certain groups have tried to capitalize on that tragedy by attacking Islam from all sides Unfortunately, even some Christian TV channels have joined in this Islam-bashing and are trying to tarnish the image of Islam and th


Three's Company, Too

October, 5th 2015 Comments 3446 Views

ANTHONY KENNEDY, in his majority ruling legalising same-sex marriage nationwide, tried to allay the concern that polygamy would be next John Roberts, in his dissent, said he couldn't see a principled way of opening the door to same-sex couples without als


From Same-Sex Marriage To Polygamy And Polyandry

October, 5th 2015 Comments 3656 Views

I keep hearing same-sex marriage (SSM) activists assuring us that no one else will legally redefine the essence of marriage, after they enjoy the privilege of doing so It's a red herring to distract us from the real issue: redefining it for them alone