Multiple Wives (A Quranic View)

October, 9th 2015 Comments 8202 Views

What does the Quran say about polygamy? Can a man be married to more than one woman at the same time and whenever he pleases? The straightforward answer is noThe Quran presents only one very specific situation in which a man may have more than one wife, b


Three's Company, Too

October, 5th 2015 Comments 6203 Views

ANTHONY KENNEDY, in his majority ruling legalising same-sex marriage nationwide, tried to allay the concern that polygamy would be next John Roberts, in his dissent, said he couldn't see a principled way of opening the door to same-sex couples without als


From Same-Sex Marriage To Polygamy And Polyandry

October, 5th 2015 Comments 6166 Views

I keep hearing same-sex marriage (SSM) activists assuring us that no one else will legally redefine the essence of marriage, after they enjoy the privilege of doing so It's a red herring to distract us from the real issue: redefining it for them alone


Islam, Polygamy And Western Subsidies

October, 5th 2015 Comments 7435 Views

In Islam Muhammad is seen as the perfect example of life and conduct for Muslim males Thus if he had many wives, then they can too While Muhammad was granted special privileges and thus had around 13 wives (see sura 33:50), ordinary Muslims are restricted


Some Muslims In US Quietly Engage In Polygamy

October, 5th 2015 Comments 4524 Views

Although polygamy is illegal in the US and most mosques try to discourage plural marriages, some Muslim men in America have quietly married multiple wives No one knows how many Muslims in the US live in polygamous families But according to academics resea


What To Expect When You're Expecting A Co-Wife

October, 5th 2015 Comments 11472 Views

So, you're happily married to the Muslim man of your dreams when, suddenly, he drops the p-bomb: polygamy For Aneesa Azeez, a 23-year-old Muslim convert and college graduate, her husband's announcement of his intention to marry a second wife devastated he


Britains Part-Time Wives

October, 5th 2015 Comments 5528 Views

Aisha laughs out loud at the thought of how her colleagues and clients would react if they knew she shares a husband The laughter makes her loose hijab slip slightly, exposing a few strands of dark hair They would be dumbfounded and probably prurient, she